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The correct postition makes brushing so much easier.  Make sure you position yourself so that your child can't wiggle much and you have a free hand to pull back the lip or cheek.

Dentist with Child Patient

Position yourself behind your child 

  • get down on one knee if you to 

  • tilt your child's head up

  • cradle your child's head in your am

  • use your free hand to pull back the lip or cheek

**  For older kids, sit down and have your child sit in front of you with their head tilted up.

Dentist with Patient

Brushing Technique - "Lift the lip"


  • Though it's important to brush all surface of all teeth, areas which need special attention in kids are:

    • gumline of upper front teeth ​

    • chewing surface of molars

  • To access these areas, use your free hand to lift the lip as shown.

  • Use back and forth or circular brushing stokes.

Brushing teeth
Brushing teeth


  • You can use same postiion as brushing but also consider: 

    • If your child is lying down, it is easier to see and he/she cannot wiggle as much.

    • Keep some floss next to the bed and floss when you tuck your child in.


How to motivate your child to brush

  • Sing the ABC's three times

  • Use an hourglass sand timer/egg timer

  • Use a sticker chart or reward calendar

  • Brush while your child is distracted with book or TV show (if you're not in bathroom, just use a little water so its not messy and then smear a little toothpaste of before bed)

  • Remind him or her that Dr Lunken expects brushing every morning and every night.  

  • Even if your child cries, remind yourself that brushing and flossing is not hurting and you are truly helping your child stay healthy and free from pain adn infection.

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