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Welcome to the office of Dina Lunken, DDS, P.C.  We are an office that provides excellent dental care for your children.  We create a fun and caring environment that helps children truly enjoy their dental visits.  From first visit at 12 months and continuing throughout their time with us, you children will feel welcome, special and relaxed as they participate in the many activities we provide throughout the year:

  1. Doing art projects that we hang throughout the office

  2. Playing with the tubs of toys scattered around the office while waiting.

  3. Picking veggies out of our garden during the summer

  4. Choosing a pumpkin in the fall from our “pumpkin patch”

  5. Watching movies and playing video games

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality dental care for children in a positive, nurturing and safe environment.

We encourage parents to make good dental care a “family accomplishment."

Through community education, we strive to improve nutrition awareness and dental health.

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