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New Patients
We ask new patients to arrive 5 -10 minutes early so parents can start on the new patient forms.  The hygienists will come out to greet the patient(s)  and bring them back by themselves.  They will have a cleaning, exam,
x-rays & fluoride. 
At every cleaning appointment we discuss with the patient how cavities are formed and what is needed to prevent them.  We discuss diet and "healthy foods."  We try and make healthy individuals not just healthy teeth
Under 2 Exam
Dr Lunken offers free wellness visits for Children under 2 years of age.  This is a great tool for early detection of problems.
Emergency Dentistry

Dr Lunken is always available to speak to parents during an emergency.  We understand that as a parent, it can be stressful in an emergency situation, so we have emergency numbers so that you can reach Doctor anytime of the day.

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