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These following exercise videos are to help your child with tongue ties, tongue thrust and mouth breathing.  They are a reference guide to the exercises discussed in the office.  Please do not use these exercises if we have not told you your child needs them.  They are only on a need basis, not for everyone.

Frenectomy Exercises - Under 3

Frenectomy is a relatively minor surgical procedure performed to loosen or remove overly large, tight, or poorly positioned band (s) of tissue that are present inside the mouth, connected to the lip, cheeks or floor of the mouth (frenum) - a condition commonly referred to as being "tongue-tied" or "ankyloglossia" - which can cause speech impediments and difficulties with chewing, swallowing and other aspects of oral function.  In infants, this condition can impair feeding, and for some older children, teens and adults, cause daily discomfort/pain and lead to mouth breathing.  Frenum release is a quick procedure, generally taking less than 45 minutes.

(Thank you to The Breath Institute and Chelsea Pinto D.D.S. for use of their video.)

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